Enhancement Detail

The "Gloss Enhancement Detail" is the most popular treatment in the "Gloss Detailing" line up and is ideally suited as the first step, if you are serious about returning your car to a near new level and want premium protection and durability.

This detail includes a single stage no swirl machine polish custom matched to your particular car, which will provide a significant improvement to your cars finish by removing light defects such as wash marring, fine scratches, swirls, minor watermarks and buffer trails from sub standard polishing jobs. Leaving your car with deep shimmering wet glossy paint work.

Your new paintwork will then be topped with one of the best boutique protective sealants money can buy.

Your interior is not forgotten, Jason is well trained in the treatment of the exotic blends of materials which make up the interiors of todays cars. He will ensure that the interior of your car will be thoroughly and expertly cleaned to your complete satisfaction, from deep cleaning conditioning and protection of leathers, fabrics, carpets and plastics, using only the finest quality products.

Jason has developed techniques specifically tailored to Townsville's high humidity, thereby avoiding the wet sock smell and the avoidance of greasy dressings associated with inferior services. You can be assured of an as new look and feel to your vehicle which will stay cleaner longer.

Detailed Exterior:

  • Thorough wheel clean (including the back of the wheel barrels and brake callipers)
  • Tyres deep cleaned
  • Thorough wheel arch clean and dress
  • Full engine bay detail
  • Full exterior degrease with bug and tar removal
  • Door shuts degreased and cleaned
  • Foam bath pre-soak
  • High pressure rinse

Detailed Decontamination Wash:

(This very intensive wash is designed to deep clean embedded dirt and grime in paintwork, body seams, body mouldings, mudflaps, badges and remove dead rubber from window seals and address minor water marks on glass - WE DO NOT TEMPORARILY MASK DIRT AND GRIME WITH SILICONE DRESSINGS)

  • Full glass and paint decontamination using clay bar to remove bonded contaminats
  • Rewash vehicle
  • Gentle microfibre towel dry
  • Tape up body mouldings and rubbers
  • Take paint thickness measurements and select polish to suit your car
  • Single stage machine polish
  • Cleanse paint work in preparation for sealant
  • Polish chrome trims and exhaust tips
  • External windows cleaned

Apply 6 month paintwork protective nano sealant or ask about Permanent Ceramic Clear Coat Protection which will negate the need for future polishing or paint sealing and make future cleaning drastically easier

Detailed Interior: 

  • Remove and place all loose personal items in a bag
  • Remove and deep clean floor mats
  • Thoroughly vacuum interior
  • Thorough roof lining clean
  • Deep cleaning and conditioning of dashboard and controls
  • Deep cleaning and conditioning of centre console
  • Deep cleaning and conditioning of door trims
  • Deep cleaning and conditioning of all plastic trims (pillar covers, seat controls, kick panels etc)
  • Thoroughly clean seat rails
  • Deep hot steam extraction cleaning of upholstery
  • Thorough clean and rehydration of leather* (if applicable)
  • Deep extraction cleaning of carpets including boot
  • Interior windows polished
  • Exterior windows polished
  • Deodorize
  • Final vacuum and inspection





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