Fabric Protection

Anybody who has kids or has spilt milk in their car and had to endure the stench for weeks will love this treatment.

Stains and grubby marks on seats and carpets are guaranteed to devalue your car, but it also makes the car a less pleasant place to be.

As we spend more and more time in our cars, it is inevitable that we will make them dirty, treading in soil and spilling food and drinks. Our car’s interior also has to contend with UV radiation and extreme heat of the sun.

Your interior leathers, fabrics and carpets will be coated with a high tech sealant, using the latest German “Nano Technology” which repels water, fluids and dirt, offering superior protection.

Liquid spills will “slip” off the surface rather than penetrating the fibres of the fabric and can easily be wiped off without the use of harsh chemicals. This sealant is 100% invisible and does not alter the look or feel of fabric or leather.


**Prices are for new vehicles only. Used vehicles will require a "Full Interior Detail" to be carried out prior to treatment being applied.

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