Maintenance Detailing

Regular cleaning using correct techniques is crucial to Keeping your vehicle maintained in premium condition.

By taking the basic maintenance wash to a new level and utilising our specialised no SWIRL techniques, this comprehensive treatment will gently clean dirt and grime from all exterior surfaces and door jambs, wheel arches will be cleaned to perfection, tyres cleaned and dressed and brake dust covered wheels will be meticulously cleaned right to the back of the barrel, leaving them like new. A high gloss enhancer will then be applied to your paintwork.

Your interior will receive a thorough dusting and wipe down and dirt and grime will be blown out from all vents, nooks and crannies. Seats and carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed getting these areas as clean as we possibly can without the deeper cleaning of shampooing. All interior trims will be anti static treated leaving a factory matte feel and appearance which will leave your interior cleaner for longer .then all glass will be cleaned streak free.

This clean will leave any vehicle fresh, bright and glossy!



  • Thorough wheel clean (including the back of the wheel barrels and brake callipers) 
  • Tyres deep cleaned
  • Thorough wheel arch clean and dress
  • Door shuts degreased and cleaned
  • Foam bath pre-soak 
  • Tar and bug removal
  • High pressure rinse
  • Gentle hand wash
  • Gentle microfibre towel dry
  • External windows cleaned
  • High gloss sealer applied to provide protection and enhance gloss



  • Place all loose personal items in a bag
  • Thorough vacuum of seats, carpets and boot. Getting these areas as clean as we possibly can without the deeper cleaning of shampooing
  • Clean out dust and grime from all vents, nooks and crannies in the dash, console, door trims, seat adjustments controls, seat rails, visors map pocktets etc...
  • Light clean surface dirt off dashboard and controls, centre console, door trims and kick panels
  • Thorough vacuum and spot shampoo of mats
  • Dress interior trims with an anti static dressing leaving a matte factory look which will keep your interior cleaner for longer
  • Deodorize


**Note: we do not take short cuts by using dust attracting greasy silicone dressings to hide dirt, our goal is to maintain a factory level of detail... clean non greasy trims

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