New Car Treatment

Unfortunately a new car rarely leaves the showroom with adequate protection as well as the perfect paintwork finish. In fact, a brand new car is not always as new as one would think; the vehicle is usually subject to various contaminants in the air during transportation and long storage times. After which, once the vehicle has arrived at the dealership, the vehicle is commonly subject to a quick wash with a dirty sponge and chamois which will in turn inflict more damage to the paintwork. This is not the perfect start for your pride and joy. For this reason alone the “New Car Detail” has been introduced. It will provide the perfect foundations and the car will look better than brand new as well as being well protected. The client will also be informed with which products to use and how to maintain the high level of finish that Gloss achieves. A typical New Vehicle Detail will take one full day.

  • Wheels cleaned including brake calipers
  • Tyres and wheel arches fully cleaned
  • Engine bay fully cleaned and dressed
  • Vehicle given de-wax wash including door jambs
  • Vehicle given a thorough hand wash with lambs wool wash mitt
  • Full paintwork and glass decontamination to remove bonded contaminates
  • Vehicle dried using ultra plush microfibre drying towel
  • Paint thickness measured using electronic coating gauge
  • 1 stage machine polish to remove fine scratches and swirls
  • Paintwork cleaned (including door jambs) with pre-wax treatment
  • Premium protection sealant topped with a high end boutique wax including door jambs
  • All chrome and metal surfaces cleaned and polished and protected
  • Tyres, exterior plastics and rubber trim cleaned and conditioned
  • Wheels and brake calipers sealed with a sealant
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Windscreens treated with rain repellant treatment
  • Door seals and rubbers treated
  • Interior carpets, fabrics and leather protected with the latest German nanotechnology protection



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