Paint Restoration

Known in the trade as 'Paint Correction', this highly specialised skill is the professional and permanent way of repairing below surface defects on your cars' paint finish. Getting spectacular results and is what "Gloss Detailing" specialise in.

Trusted by high end panel shops and motoring enthusiasts requiring a concourse quality finish on their vehicles, our specialised systems and techniques honed with over 20 years experience will GENTLY repair sub surface defects, such as buffer trail damages caused by cheap 'hack detailer cut and polish' jobs, wash marring, bird/bat etchings, non full thickness scratches, water mark etchings, self serve and automatic carwash brush swirls - just to name a few.

The "Gloss Restore" treament can include an intensive 1 - 5 stage wetsand, compound, polish and jewelling process as dictated by the requirements of your vehicle, without compromising the integrity of your vehicles clear coat - achieving stunning results.

All "Gloss Restoration" treatments include the EXTERIOR preparation as outlined in the "Gloss Enhancement" Detail.


Suited to cars in very good condition the gloss shield treatment is an purely exterior protection top up service for our clients who do not have our “OPTICOAT CLEAR COAT” treatment applied.

This treatment is highly recommended to be carried out quarterly to ensure the protection is fresh and adequate to provide a barrier to environmental and industrial fallout and maintain a slick high gloss shine.

  • Thorough wheel clean (including the back of the wheel barrels and brake callipers)
  • Tyres deep cleaned
  • Thorough wheel arch clean and dress
  • Door shuts degreased and cleaned
  • Foam bath pre-soak
  • Tar and bug removal
  • High pressure rinse
  • Gentle hand wash
  • Gentle microfibre towel dry
  • Paintwork inspected and decontaminated
  • Paintwork deep cleanser applied
  • Premium high gloss boutique synthetic sealant applied
  • External windows cleaned

For those motorist wanting the benefit of extended sealant protection, but would also like the ultra deep wet look only a high end boutique carnauba wax can provide, we offer our Victoria concours layering treatment.

Originally developed for competitive use at Concours events, it contains one of the highest amounts of real wax content used in the industry. Concours results are formulated using large amounts of pure Carnauba and an exotic blend of oils giving stunning results particularly on red and darker cars.

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